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Defend Your Faith Bundle

Defend Your Faith Bundle
Defend Your Faith Bundle
Bad Moon Rising by Derek Gilbert
Defend Your Faith Bundle
Gods of the Final Kingdom

Defend Your Faith Bundle

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  • One (1) Defend Your Faith Bundle

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With this offer you will receive:

One (1) Defend Your Faith Bundle

(1) First Annual Defender Conference 2019- Four (4) DVD Set 

  • On August 2-4 (2019), SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing hosted the first annual (sold-out) Defender Conference in Branson, Missouri featuring leading researchers, Bible teachers, and ancient language scholars on global developments, important discoveries, and the latest science and technology. This series of DVDs filmed before a live audience features Dr. Thomas and Nita Horn, Dr. Michael Heiser, Derek Gilbert, Sharon Gilbert, Joe Ardis Horn, Allie Anderson Henson, Donna Howell, Joel Richardson, Lori Bakker, Jim Bakker, Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, Jim Barfield, Shelley Neese, Josh Peck, Larry Spargimino, Dr. Michael Lake, Jaco Booyens, Steven Bancarz, Carl Gallups, Dr. Ralph Umbriaco, Dr. Joshua Vance, and Dr. Matthew Sams!

(1) Bad Moon Rising Book

    • Why Islam is the supernatural equivalent of a corporate merger
    • How the iniquity of the Amorites is affecting the world today
    • The importance of the moon-god, then and now
    • How Islam’s history reflects the characteristics of the gods of Mesopotamia
    • Shocking links between Mount Hermon, Petra, and Mecca
    • The prophesied death of the gods at Armageddon
    • Islam’s tragic role in the end times
    • Drawing on peer-reviewed academic research, Gilbert exposes Islam as a dark alliance of pagan gods and lays out a scenario of the end times that reveals the bloody role of Islam on the road to Armageddon.

(1) Gods of the Final Kingdom Book

    • What Satan did NOT know about Jesus and God’s plan of the ages
    • How Satan became the hunted, rather than the hunter, and the shocking biblical truth concerning his final demise
    • How Satan literally used and manipulated the nations of history on his cosmic, interdimensional quest to find the seed that would eventually crush his head, and what his plan is now
    • What the Bible discloses about time travel, multiple dimensions, portals, and how modern science supports it all
    • The contextual biblical truth that may forever change what you thought you knew about death
    • Clear answers to deep theological conundrums that will forever change the way you read and understand Scripture

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