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Pastor Jim & Lori Book Bundle

Pastor Jim & Lori Book Bundle

With this offer you will receive:

  • 1 hard cover copy of the 25th Anniversary edition of “I Was Wrong” by Pastor Jim Bakker
  • 1 hard cover copy of “More Than I Could Ever Ask” by Pastor Lori Bakker
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25th Anniversary Edition of “I Was Wrong”, Jim Bakker Today:

Jim and his wife, Lori Bakker, are perfect examples of the power of God’s restoration.  From the deepest of valleys, both placed their lives into the Lord’s hands for healing.  In His wisdom, God brought them together and they married in September of 1998.  With each step of faith, their lives have been restored!

No one was more surprised than Jim when he was called again by the Lord to continue his path in Christian television.  Devoutly, Jim followed the Lord’s plan to create a platform for God’s prophets and bring the voice of the Lord and his Word into these end times.

Today, with Lori by his side, he hosts The Jim Bakker Show, part of the PTL Television Network at Morningside, located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, where a Christian community continues to grow.

Family and faith are cornerstones of the Bakkers’ life.  Shortly after their marriage, they unexpectedly became parents to 9 children from the inner city area of Phoenix, Arizona.  As the ministry has grown, so has their family.  Today they enjoy every moment with their 13 precious grandchildren.

The lives of Jim and Lori Bakker serve as amazing examples of God’s unbreakable love, and their testimony of restoration ministers to people all over the world.


Praises for More Than I Could Ever Ask:

“The thread of God’s grace woven through a troubled life can bring hope, peace, and fulfillment.  Lori Bakker’s life is a radiant testimony to the wonderful love of God with all its attributes:  forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration.  this book, a reflection on that power, is an encouragement to all of us who need God’s marvelous re-creation in our lives.  With God no one is hopeless!”
Ruth Bell Graham

“This Cinderella story will make you cry one minute and laugh the next.  As one who has observed Lori Graham Bakker’s dramatic life and the miraculous change from a tortured young woman to a great woman of God, I think that this book will capture and inspire you with faith, hope and love.”
Tommy Barnett
Senior Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly – Phoenix, Arizona

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Partner Questions & Answers

2 months 12 days ago

Is this bundle with the autograph still in stock?

2 months 12 days ago

Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, any current purchase ( as of the time of this reply 8/7/19 ) is autographed. There is a limited amount available. Blessings-

2 months 17 days ago

Does this still come with a plaque of the Prayer Chapel?

2 months 13 days ago

Thanks for your question. At present time the book bundle includes the limited edition hardback copies of both Pastor Jim and Lori’s books. Blessings-


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