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Lori’s 62nd Birthday Offers

Lori's Birthday Offer
3 Red Supremes

Lori's Favorites
Pure Water On The Go

Lori's Favorites
3 Silver Sol Gel

LL Complete Skin Care
Gift Box

LL Complete Skin Care
Gift Box

In Lori Bakker’s 62 years on earth she has been cherished by family and friends. She would be first to tell you that God’s hand was upon her, always guiding her even when the choices she made took her down a rocky path .  

For those who live and work at Morningside, and for those that follow her on the Jim Bakker Show, Lori speaks faithfully and loves others with godly wisdom, boldness, and kindness.  Her leadership guides young and old alike with a grace that can only come from a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus!  We are inspired by her every single day and we hope you will keep her close to your heart in prayer!  

To celebrate Lori’s birthday we are offering some of her favorite items in our store to help support the ministry that she loves so much!  We are calling these our $62 Birthday offers!  

Happy Birthday Lori Bakker!

Proverbs 31:25-26

25 Strength and honor are her clothing,
and she will rejoice in time to come.
26 She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and in her tongue is the teaching of kindness.