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Double Cub Go Generator Bonus Bundle

Double Cub Go Generator Bonus Bundle

Bundle Includes

(2) Cub Go Generators

(2) Solar Panels

(1) BONUS Amazing Battery Charger


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(2) Cub Go Generators

  • Cub GO is only 3lbs. 
  • Silent, Small, Lightweight, and Renewable
  • Power on the GO
  • Fits in your purse
  • TSA approved
  • 3 USB Outputs
  • AC Output
  • Flashlight
  • It Can Power: 
  • Cell Phones
  • Laptops
  • Cameras 
  • Drones
  • TVs
  • Keep one in your car

(2) Solar Panels

  • Can charge the cub go with sunlight or any lighting
  • You can be charging and using the cub-go at the same time

(1) BONUS Amazing Battery Charger

  • Though small, the Car Battery Charger certainly packs a punch
  • You can even recharge your charger with the convenient car or wall adaptor
  • Features Warning Signal, LED Light, and Window Breaker
  • Kit includes everything needed for charging the batteries in your:

-Car                -Boat

-Laptop           -Cell Phone

-Tablet            -Camera

-MP3 player   -And MUCH more!

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Partner Questions & Answers

5 months 11 days ago

How many maximum watts can be drawn off of this device? Can it run a microwave? How long can a 100watt light bulb run on this after dark?

5 months 9 days ago

Thanks for the interest in the Double Cub Go Generator. A single Cub Go can output 150 watts. A 100 watt light bulb would be able to run for 3 hours using the 2 generators. With a microwave, you would have to research the wattage to compare how long it could run on 300 watts ( 150 watts x 2 generators ). If you are using the Cub Go during the day, it is able to be used while being charged by the solar panel. Blessings!

5 months 24 days ago

is this product worth the $$?

5 months 23 days ago

Timothy –
Thanks so much for getting in touch about the Cub Go. In answer to your question- absolutely!

In case of an electrical outage, being able to keep your cellphone battery charged to communicate is by itself worth the price. For many whom purchasing a full blown generator is not in budget ( myself included ) – this product solves being able to have some type of emergency power source. In addition, the included solar panel insures you are not dependent on gasoline or having to seek for an available source of electricity.

In non-emergency situations, this generator is a perfect travel solution to charge your phones, tablets and laptops on the go. It is even TSA approved for airline travel. Hope that helps – Blessings!


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