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Billye Brim Library Thanksgiving Offering

Billye Brim Library Thanksgiving Offering

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With this offer, you will receive: (1) Billye Brim Library Thanksgiving Offering

Shipping Included in the Continental US

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With this offer, you will receive: (1) Billye Brim Library Thanksgiving Offering

Shipping Included in the Continental US

One (1) First of All and the Awakenings Book

  • “America can finish her God-given course. America can, will, and must reach her destiny. And that depends upon the prayers of God’s people. That depends on you and me.” –Dr. Billye Brim
  • May & June 2019 |  The Prophetic Witness “Bundle”
  • In 2008, the Spirit of the Lord powerfully came upon Dr. Billye Brim and said, “One thing will save America… and it is an Awakening to God.” He then admonished her to study America’s awakenings. This unique book examines the Lord’s directive and its impact upon the America’s future.

You will learn:

  • The history of America’s spiritual Awakenings and how they relate to the next Great Awakening.
  • President Trump’s revival roots that came from his mother’s homeland.
  • The role of the Church in government affairs.
  • Uniting the Body of Christ in the” First of All Campaign” (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

One (1) Authority of the Believer Book

  • “There are few subjects relating to the Christian Life [with] so little exact knowledge as that of the authority of the believer,” says author John A. MacMillan. “This is not because such authority is the property only of a few elect souls. On the contrary, it is the possession of every true child of God.” “However,” he continues, “it must be noted that few believers realize the potential impact of that power, and fewer still are willing to acknowledge their position in the heavenlies and assume the privileges and responsibilities it involves.” Drawing on the concept of authority from Ephesians, MacMillan shows how such authority can be used to confront demonic intrusions both personal and corporate, and to facilitate the extension of God’s kingdom both local and global.

One (1) Authority of the Believer and How to Use It Booklet

  • Is the devil “playing high carnival” in your life? Don’t get mad at God, Jesus delegated His authority to you!

Dr. Billye Brim teaches and demonstrates:

  • Your ministry in the heavenlies that is “far above” the devil’s kingdom.
  • How to daily take your seat of authority over darkness that will change your life forever.

One (1) How you can pray in the end of days and my call to help the pray-ers book 

  • But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse… (2 Timothy 3:13)
  • This timely book awakens the Church to co-working with Christ on the earth. Part one is the Divine synergy of Dr. Billye Brim’s life that ultimately lead to Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks—with the mandate to pray in the plans of God and stop the strategies of the devil. In section two it is prayer based on God’s Word.

You will learn:

  • Why God can’t legally move on earth without prayer.
  • The authority of the believer over Satan and how to walk in victory everyday.
  • The importance of praying in tongues.
  • How to pray for an awakening.
  • How to pray for Israel.
  • The different types of prayer in the Bible.
  • The importance of praying in tongues.
  • Secrets from past seasoned prayer saints.

BONUS: One (1) Jewish Calendar 2020-2021 by Mark Biltz

  • A combined Hebrew and Gregorian 16-month calendar filled with beautiful pictures taken in the land of Israel.
  • This calendar begins in September 2020 and continues through December 2021.
  • This calendar includes US holidays, Feasts of the Lord, fast days, new moons, Torah portions, Biblical history, as well as, information about Feasts and Hebrew holidays.

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